Tradition woodcarving

Our carved figures are made out of carefully selected and high- quality wood.The studios of Konrad Bachmann and Josef Bachmann workmainly with sycamore maple, ash-or cherry- wood. The figures are worked in advance with a machine and then carved and painted by hand. Figures that are 40 cm and higher are made out of lime wood. The woodcarvers work with lots of love for detailand respect the characteristics of every different wood. In the studios of the Bachmann families they also use Swiss stone pine, a tree that grows at the edge of the forest in the mountains of Antholz- Anterselva, the families hometown. This special tree has soft wood and is therefore perfectly made to be used as carving wood. The woodcarvers usually create root- sculptures, pine- bowls and “tree- drawers” out of this tree with its unique form, color and warm scent.

Wood art tradition

Woodcarving has a long tradition in South Tyrol. Already the first people who settled in this region used wood to built objects of utility. Like in any other culture they…

The Bachmann family

The Bachmann family is from the Antolzertal- Anterselva Valley in South Tyrol. Josef and Konrad grew up on the Kumpflhof, a mountain farm at 1400m over see level. Since their…
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  • The shop in Olang- Valdaora
    The shop in Olang- Valdaora The shop of Rosa andKonrad Bachmann is located in the town center of Olang- Valdaora.

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