St. Christofer Cathedral of Colonia

The wooden St. Christopher is made in a South Tyrolean workshop. Christophorus is one of the 14 emergency helpers.

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Christopher is an early Christian martyr. It is believed that he lived in the 3rd or early 4th century. In the Catholic and Orthodox Churches, he is venerated as a saint. He is often depicted as a giant with a staff carrying the baby Jesus on his shoulders across the water.
Christophorus is one of the 14 emergency helpers and in this function is the helper against unprepared death. He is the patron saint of travellers, sailors, porters, motorists, airshipmen and road wardens. He is also the patron saint of the island of Rab in Croatia, the cities of Brunswick, Hildesheim, Stuttgart, Werne and Würzburg in Germany and Vilnius in Lithuania.

St. Christopher made of wood is made in several sizes. We use sycamore maple for this. For sizes 50 cm and 60 cm, the figure is hand-carved in lime wood. You can also choose between several finishes: natural, multi-coloured stained and painted. The wooden figure is painted by hand by artists.

St. Christofer Cathedral of Colonia