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St. Florian of the Alps

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The Saint Florian is the patron saint of the fire brigade.

According to tradition he was an officer in the Roman army and commander-in-chief of a department for the battle against the fire. During the persecution of the Christians under the emperor Diocletian, he found out that 40 Christians have been taken captive and locked into the dungeons. He wanted to support them and has also been hold captive. He has been tortured and his shoulder blades have been broken. The soldiers who should kill him on the pyre were afraid of Florian, because he was praying and said that he would get upwards to the sky through the flames. So, he has been pushed into a river with a rock around his neck. The Saint Florian is not just the patron saint of the fire brigade, but also from the brewers, the bakers, the chimney sweeps, the gardeners, the potters, the Smithers and from Austria and Linz, as a protector of the drought and fire and burns. This wood carved figurine is available in different sizes and designs. For this figurine, we use sycamore for the sizes 15cm to 40cm. The size 60cm is handcrafted out of lime wood.


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