Gloria crib Arc barn set

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The complete arc barn set set of the Gloria crib is stained in this design.

The arc barn  set of the Gloria crib contains all 17 blazoned figurines of the Gloria crib in the stained design. The arc-barn is delivered matching to the size of the figurines. The single pieces of the arc barns can be taken apart, arc and palm tree, as well as the star can be taken away and therefore it is space-saving. This South Tyrolean crib is an eye-catcher for every Christmas. The Gloria crib has a unique design and was invented by Bachmann Konrad. Especially the simple and modern lines of the crib impress a lot of people. The modern Gloria crib is a good alternative to the traditional crib figurines. Choose between three different sizes: 12cm, 16cm and 24cm. The sizes correspond to the standing crib figurines. 


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