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The light backdrop with the stained figures of the Bachmann Gloria crib.

The light backdrop is the illuminated and modern crib stable of the Bachmann Gloria crib. The setting fits perfectly with the simple and stylized crib figures of the Gloria crib. The light, which is generated by an LED strip, throws a warm and subtle light on the modern nativity figures and brings out the entire nativity scene even more. The modern shapes that run through all the figures and the backdrop of lights immediately catch the eye and will be the absolute highlight in your living room at Christmas time

The Gloria light backdrop complete set includes all the figures of the modern Gloria crib that are shown in the product photo. The figures are made of ash wood and are stained in this set. The main characters, such as Maria, Joseph, the baby Jesus with cradle and the three kings, are decorated with a fine gold thread. In addition, an arc board, a star and a comet star are included. The backdrop of lights of the Gloria crib is made so that the arc board is placed loosely on the base plate. You can choose between the arc board with light or the arc board without light. You can find these two options in the drop-down menu. If you have already bought some items from the Gloria crib, such as the arc board, you can reorder the light backdrop as a supplement. You can find the scenery without figures in the category crib barns. The light backdrop is illuminated on the background plate with an LED strip. The LED strip is hidden in a small gap as indirect light. This illuminates the entire backdrop. In the case of the arc board with light, the LED strip is also attached in a gap.

You can order the complete set of lights in two sizes directly from the online shop. These are 12 cm and 16 cm (figure height Josef). The type of wood that is used for production is spruce. The complete set of the light backdrop is also available in a size of 24 cm. For this we would ask you to contact us personally by email.

The dimensions of the light backdrop are:
for 12 cm figures: length = approx. 76 cm; width = approx. 26 cm; height = approx. 34 cm.


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