Family barn Gloria

This crib barn with integrated LED lighting was designed for the Bachmann Gloria crib.

159,50 €

This bright and modern cot with LED lighting made of spruce wood is available in three sizes. It combines especially well with modern figures.

Attention, the image is not up to date. We have a new Model with integrated LED light and there is also a hole below the roof to plug in the shooting star. We reccomend to order also the shooting star in the product category Gloria crib.

The measure of the different crib houses are:
For figurines of 12 cm: lenght = ca. 33 cm, width = ca. 14 cm and height = ca. 23 cm.
For figurines of 16 cm: lenght = ca. 42 cm, width = ca. 18 cm and height = ca. 28 cm.
For figurines of 24 cm: lenght = ca. 57 cm, width = ca. 25 cm and height = ca. 40 cm.
The measures of the crib houses can deviate a little.

Family barn Gloria