Complete barn Gloria

This is the complete barn of the Gloria crib with LED lighting.

159,00 €

For the figurines of the Gloria crib you can use the Gloria complete barn with LED lighting as well as the arc barn. The modern complete barn is available matching to the size of the figurines in 12cm, 16cm and 24cm.

For the crib figurines with 24 cm, the crib house is looking a little bit different. It is made from in 2 items one the barn and one the board. This is space-saving.

The measure of the different crib houses are:
For figurines of 12 cm: lenght = ca. 50 cm, width = ca. 20 cm and height = ca. 30 cm.
For figurines of 16 cm: lenght = ca. 60 cm, width = ca. 30 cm and height = ca. 35 cm.
For figurines of 24 cm: lenght = ca. 98 cm, width = ca. 43 cm and height = ca. 50 cm.
The measures of the crib houses can deviate a little.

Complete barn Gloria