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Welcome to the onlineshop from Bachmann Woodcarvings. Here you can find a big selection from our sortiment. Continuously we are expanding the choice in the shopsystem with new products and productcategories.

In our Onlineshop we sell exclusively South Tirolean woodcarvings from superior quality.

If you have any questions or you can´t find what you are looking for, than don´t hesitate to contact us via email or phone.

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Gloria crib complete set

The complete set of the Gloria crib is...

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€ 517,00

Weather station, analogue

This original weather station is an...

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€ 28,50

Nativity-set Artis 17 pieces

This nativity set Artis is made of 17...

(0 Ratings)
€ 313,00

Sissi Angel praying

This is the praying angel of the Sissi...

(0 Ratings)
€ 8,00

Complete set of the Bachmann crib

The complete set of the stained...

(0 Ratings)
€ 1.157,50

Comfort stained

(0 Ratings)
€ 13,00

Gloria crib complete set

This is the complete set of the Gloria...

(0 Ratings)
€ 416,50

Children´s crib complete set

Purchase the children’s crib complete...

(0 Ratings)
€ 549,00

Madonna-relief “comfort”

This wood carved figurine is available...

(0 Ratings)
€ 7,40

Guardian Angel

The Bachmann guardian angel is...

(0 Ratings)
€ 12,00

Dream angel praying

This small angel is a beautiful present...

(0 Ratings)
€ 6,30

Bachmann crib complete set

The complete set of the Bachmann crib...

(0 Ratings)
€ 888,00

Christ of the Alps linden

(0 Ratings)
€ 105,00

Farmer with scythe

This traditional wooden figurine is...

(0 Ratings)
€ 29,50

Gloria crib complete set

Here you can order the complete set of...

(0 Ratings)
€ 590,50

Bachmann complete barn

This is the Bachmann complete barn. The...

(0 Ratings)
€ 123,00
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