Blessing of the house

This house blessing is available in two different sizes.

24,50 €

This board with the house blessing and the cross is made in our workshop. The wood used for it is Swiss stone pine. The writing is engraved with a laser. The plaque with the house blessing is made by hand. You can choose between two different sizes. This house blessing is a very simple and modern design. The photo of the house blessing in the online shop is mainly an example. It means that the shape and size are the same for each piece, but the wood varies. Each piece of wood is unique and has a different structure. In addition, the grain and knots are different on each piece. The thickness of the wood is 1 cm for both sizes.

The house blessing is a tradition in Christianity. It is placed in the house to protect the house, the property and the inhabitants.

Dimensions of the board with house blessing made of Swiss stone pine:
Size 1: Length x width = 25 cm x 12 cm
Size 2: Length x width = 35 cm x 17 cm

Blessing of the house