Bachmann family barn

This crib house provides space for the Holy Family, bullock and donkey.

83,00 €

The family barn of the Bachmann crib is ideal for those who want to keep their crib small or don't have a lot of space. The family barn is available in three different sizes, fitting for the Bachmann crib 10cm, 13cm and 17cm.

The measure of the different crib houses are:
For figurines of 10 cm: lenght = ca. 33 cm, width = ca. 15 cm and height = ca. 23 cm.
For figurines of 13 cm: lenght = ca. 40 cm, width = ca. 19 cm and height = ca. 30 cm.
For figurines of 17 cm: lenght = ca. 49 cm, width = ca. 24 cm and height = ca. 34 cm.
The measures of the crib houses can deviate a little.

Bachmann family barn