Bachmann crib stained

The carved figurines made out of sycamore maple are stained by hand in several layers and tones. Thus produces a light/ black contrast that makes the figurines seem more lifelike. Every single face of the persons of this crib is repainted the lips and cheeks are each colored in a light red. These details strengthen the vividness. The sacred figures are emphasized with golden accents on the clothing. The stained version builds a beautiful middle way between the colored and the natural crib. Due to the different brown shades the figurines transmit closeness to the material wood, movement and life. The size refers to the standing figure of Josef. All the other figurines are carved in proportion to Josef. The Bachmann crib and also the other cribs give you the possibility to build the crib slowly, one piece by one. Woodcarving Bachmann guarantees you constant high quality wood carved figurines. Their design, painting and manufacturing stays the same every year. This way woodcarvings Bachmann gives you the opportunity to enlarge your crib from year to year.

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