Bachmann bloc crib child loose

This cot block was designed by Josef Bachmann and comes from South Tyrol.

65,00 €

This Bachmann Nativity block was designed by the woodcarver Bachmann Josef and is made in a South Tyrolean woodcarving workshop. The cot block is made from one piece of wood. Only the child is made separately, as it can be removed at any time. The wood used is ash. You can recognise this mainly by the somewhat thicker grain.
This depiction of the Holy Family is kept simple, the garments do not have a particularly strong drape. Joseph is standing behind Mary and the baby Jesus. Mary is holding Jesus in her arms. The facial features are very soft. Joseph looks down and gazes lovingly at his family, Mary looks just as lovingly at Jesus. Joseph embraces Mary and thus the baby Jesus and radiates security.

This wooden figure is produced in several different sizes. Afterwards, the wooden figure is painted with oil colours by our painters. This makes it possible to see the details even better. This log cot is well suited as a year-round cot.

Bachmann bloc crib child loose