Artis Krippe Krippenfiguren aus südtiroler HolzschnitzkunstKrippenfiguren in Naturholz fachmännischer Verkauf Artis Krippe Südtirol

Nativity-set Artis 17 pieces

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This nativity set Artis is made of 17 different pieces.

The figurines that are included in the set are: the Family, the bullock, the donkey, the three kings, the angel, the kneeling shepered with a sheep, the shepered with a stick, the standing shepered with a sheep, the sheep grazing, the sheep laying, the sheep looking to the right amd the artis complete barn.

The measures of the artis complete barn are:
10 cm: lenght= 40 cm; width= 18 cm; height= 28 cm
12 cm: lenght= 48 cm; width= 21 cm; height= 32 cm
15 cm: lenght= 60 cm; width= 26 cm; height= 37 cm
20 cm: lenght= 76 cm; width= 34 cm; height= 48 cm
30 cm: lenght= 109 cm; width= 50 cm; height= 72 cm


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