Christmas market in Leipzig

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Since five years Woodcarvings Bachmann Josef is present at this Christmas market.


The Christmas market of Leipzig has its origins in the 15th century. The historic district offers the perfect setting for the Christmas market, with its stunning atmosphere and all the culinary and cultural offers. In this part of Germany we find the tradition of “Schwibbbögen”, “Christmas- pyramids”, nutcrackers and “incense smokers”. The woodcarvings form South Tyrol find more and more approval of the German population. Many people visit the South Tyrolean wood carvers at their stand where they can find every thing they could wish for: crib figurines, small houses and any other crib accessory. At they’re stand on the plaza in front of the old city hall you can also find other wood carved pieces such as angels and other profane figurines, Christmas tree and other holiday decorations. Any customers question will be answered by Bachmann Elias, whom you can also observe while he is working at the stand.

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