Nativity scene

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The tradition of nativity scenes exists since many centuries.

First the figures where exhibited in churchs only, but the nativity scenes made its way in the livingrooms of the people. With the nativity scene the story of the birth of Jesus Christ gets explained, every figure of the nativity scene has its special meaning. Especialy in South Tyrol the nativity scene has a special significance. During the cold wither months people where carving figures out of peaces of wood and so the nativity scene grew over the years. <out of this amusement a business developed and it has stil a big impact in several vallies, especialy the well known Val Gardeina.

On our website you can choose betwen different series of nativity scenes. We have modern cribs and traditional cribs, start with the familyset and add every year some items or accessories.

All woodcarwings in this Onlineshop are original woodcarved and produced in South Tyrol, the northern german speaking part of Italy. The cribhauses are 100% handmade.


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