Woodcarvings Bachmann Josef, Johannes and Elias

Woodcarvings Bachmann Josef and sons Johannes and Elias

 Josef Bachmann founded the family business in 1972. From his childhood on he was fascinated by wood and sees it as the most beautiful raw material. Josef used to watch his father, a farmer from Antholz- Anterselva, carve small sculptures in the long winter months. He went to the school of arts in Gröden- Gardena and worked under the well-known sculptor master FavioPancheri. After Josef finished his apprenticeship he founded his studio in March 1972. His sons Johannes and Elias loved to look over their fathers shoulder while he was carving and soon developed their passion for their father’s profession. With the years passing and them getting older both Johannes and Elias learnt the profession of wood carvers. Since 2002 they work together with their father in the family business. Since a couple of years the trio from Antholz- Anterselva is also present at the German Christmas markets in Frankfurt am Main, Duisburg, Stuttgart and Leipzig where they exhibit their wood carved pieces that they make during the year. Their shop is located in the historic district “Oberstadt” in Bruneck- Brunico.

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