Woodcarvings Bachmann Konrad and Rosa

Woodcarvings Bachmann Konrad and Rosa


Konrad Bachmann, Josef’s younger brother, first worked as an artist blacksmith. His passion for the material wood never left and so he decided to take the journeyman’s examination for wood carvers in 1988 in St. Ulrich. After working for two years in his brother’s studio he opened his own shop in Olang- Valdaora in 1989. Konrad’s woodcraft reflects all the impressions he gets as a nature lover, a hunter and a photographer. Taking in all this impressions and feelings he was able to create the well-known Bachmann crib, the Gloria crib, the sculpture of security and lots more. His wife, Rosa Bachmann, works now over 20 years by his side. Together they strive to create something new and fulfill all their costumer’s wishes. Woodcarvings Bachmann Konrad has now been present at the Christmas markets in Essen, Kassel and Dortmund a long time. We look forward to welcome you at the Christmas market 2015.

Woodcarvings Bachmann Konrad

Florianiplatz 9f

39030 Olang- Valdaora

Tel: +39 0474498448

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